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I love this series. But there is an unexpected complication. It is always great to connect with this family. The books are light, fun reads with a happy ending. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. Feb 17, Karen rated it it was amazing. Daniel has devoted the last four years to his children and the family business at Waterford Farm.

Katie Rogers Santorini loved her husband, Nico Santorini more than anything but has been widowed for the past two years. Katie and Daniel dated briefly when they were both in college. The secret they share will change the lives of both families forever. Intertwined in the book is a beautiful love story between two dogs, Rusty and Goldie. Will the dogs' devotion to each other, along with the health issues of Rusty, bring the families together? This is another heartwarming story about love, forgiveness, honesty, family, and of course, dogs.

As I read this book, it quickly became my favorite of all the books I have read by Roxanne St. I highly recommend it! Feb 26, Nate Brightman rated it really liked it. This one focuses on the Dogfather himself Daniel Kilcannon. I give this book a solid 4. And I get that in the depths of despair after her death he pledged to never love another.

Teaching an old dog new tricks — or, how I learned to love Python’s str.format, and gave up on %

Most women would have given up and just walked away at that point. Regular readers of the series also get to catch up on their lives, the weddings, pregnancies and births. And each of the Kilcannon kids, Pru and of course Gramma Finnie as well as the Santorini kids gets more than a cameo appearance in this story. So I anticipate there are several more books in the works. The poor guy was going to find out at 42 that things he believed about himself, about who he was, were a lie while Daniel seemed to just dismiss her legitimate concerns. And did anybody else wonder why Daniel bought a box of condoms for their first time?

What was he thinking? Something else that bothered me was the implication that what Daniel did towards the end of the story was wrong. Feb 26, Deb rated it it was amazing. You know, the type of deal that says I can read 2 more chapters as soon as I clean out the refrigerator.

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Fold a load of laundry — reward of 1 more chapter. Cook dinner — read while things are cooking.

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Pay bills — that surely deserves 4 or 5 chapters! In the latest offering in this series, Daniel fights love because he vowed to never love another woman after losing Annie. As he explores the rationality of a vow made in haste during the despair of losing the love of his life, he seems to be taking one step forward and then two steps backwards. Or should I say for each puzzle piece he places, he realizes how many more need to be fitted before he can see the whole picture. More often than not, the total finished picture showed me more than what I had imagined it would show.

That is the story of Daniel: puzzle pieces of hints, clues, set-backs, and successes. Finally they all come together to give us the complete picture as the puzzle gets completed. I let out my first big sigh and felt it would have been ok to stop reading the book after the first chapter. Feb 24, Eileen rated it it was amazing Shelves: author.

Claire, part of her Dogfather series. This wonderfully amazing story features widower Daniel Kilcannon, the Dogfather who found love matches for his six children.

This is a very emotional story so make sure you have tissues nearby. Katie was torn about dating Daniel, as she loved Nico, her high school sweetheart from a strong Greek family.

Teaching old dogs new tricks

How was it that she could be interested in Daniel yet love Nico at the same time? After Daniel met Annie, he had eyes for no one.

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  • Fast forward forty-plus years with Daniel running into Katie, now a widow, in his home town of Bitter Bark, finding himself attracted to her once again; despite a promise he made to himself of never loving another. Katie was there on a mission, needing to let Daniel become aware of a problem that recently been discovered that went back to the time they once dated. There were definite themes in this story; family, ancestry, and puzzle pieces.

    Claire wrote an amazing story that was moving and filled with love, wonderful dialogue, and endearing characters that should definitely not be missed. This book is a standalone but includes characters from the previous books in this series. I highly recommend Old Dog, New Tricks to other readers and I am anxious for the next book in this series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. Feb 11, Patti Lucas rated it it was amazing. I honestly loved this book! I am not sure how Roxanne St.

    Claire continues to deliver such amazing stories, but she has outdone herself with Old Dog New Tricks. Each book in the series gets better and better. I am so glad that Daniel got his own story and a chance at another happily ever after. There were so many potential woman introduced in the previous Dogfather books, and each of his children was rallying for his or her favorite. None of those women was a perfect match for the Dogfather. Katie Rogers Santorini is a woman from Daniel's past, whose own husband Nico died two years ago after a long battle with cancer.

    Katie has 5 children of her own, obviously more candidates for the Dogfather's matchmaking abilities. Katie returns to Bitter Bark with a secret of her own.

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    Katie's secret was discovered when her children agreed to what they thought was harmless DNA testing the prior Thanksgiving. The results of those test are life changing for both the Kilcannon and Santorini families.

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    Daniel makes changes to his home to make room for Katie. But can he break the vow he made to himself, to never love again. This book is filled with so many touching and poignant moments, as both Katie and Daniel reminisce about their marriages. Of course there is a dog in the book.

    here They have their own story within a story. Roxanne once again includes her plot twist that is a deal breaker. Love her plot twists as much as I love her happily ever afters!