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Very good tips after starting my blog I read a few articles on layout and have found this has increased my page views and also has helped take my demographic into other countries I would not have thought to target. Hello, I am curious about starting blogs and want to get into it to make money if possible. How does one make money through blogs?

Hi Jessica, thanks for the advice! I have been setting up my blog over the last few days and written a few posts already. Did you wait until you had a good amount of material on your blog before publicizing it or did you start with one article and got more traffic as more material was added?

I started out with just a blog post and an about me page. It is entirely up to you but it can often be a good idea to have a few posts when you start your blog so people can learn more about you and the topics you are covering. Heres my suggestion: Before you start a blog, make sure you have some ideas what to write about. If you dont have any think about your hobbies or things youre passionate about. When you purchase your domain through the sign up process do you have to add the WordPress Essentials to be able to install WordPress on it?

Thanks so much for the information. I have been thinking about blogging for a while now. This has made it seem so much more simpler than I thought it would be. I just realized last week that I created a blog through WordPress. But I think WordPress is more sophisticated. Very helpful.

I really want to start my own blog and earn money from it. And everyone I know just recommended me to use WordPress. Is it true? Adsense works just fine with a self hosted WordPress blog. There should be no issues running a blog monetized by Adsense. Thank you Jessica for your wonderful article! You make it sound very simple. You really inspired me!

Great info, thanks!

Tip: Printed Sentiments card inserts.

This is a very good read. Been writing on tumblr but I wanted my very own domain. Im currently interested on starting a blog and Im wondering if it is possible to blog on a smartphone?

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Since I cant always carry a laptop around and most of the time ideas and inspirations just pop-up from unexpected places and I dont want to waste the feelings and emotions that I wanted to express on my writings just because I cant conveniently start from where I am. Hey, thanks for the great post. When it comes to free blogging platforms, some they will allow you to use your domain. The problem is that some they will not allow you to monetize your blog and they can delete your blog without any valid reason.

Hi Jessica I found your tips really helpful but I have one question I live in the UK I would love to start blogging but is it possible to open blog in the UK and able to convert the language and menus in to polish? Or do I have to open it the polish language? WordPress is multi-lingual so no issues there. As for opening a blog in the UK as long as you have a credit card and UK address then you can sign up with Hostgator Jess.

Thank you Jessica for the information. You made it easy right from the start and as I was thinking of questions they were being answered as I read a little more. This is very helpful. Or is there any other idea to capture the original data. It is very easy to transfer from Blogger to WordPress, it can be done by exporting your posts and importing them into WordPress. There are dozens of articles online and on WordPress.

Hi Jess! I am a little bit confused on the actual action i need to take. Do I go to the wordpress website to set up my blog? Or do I go to the Hostgator website? Please follow my guide… there is no need to visit WordPress at all this process is conducted with Hostgator. I would like an response anyone, preferably from the author. I used to write a Blog and would like to start again. My previous Blog was hosted by WordPress.

How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps:

I was paying about I tried contacting WordPress about this unexplained huge increase, but they chose not to respond. WordPress is free open source software — you are referring to your web hosting company. Web hosts will inform you of any charges in advance and it is very easy to move to a new host. Some web hosts offer free transfers if you sign up for a contract of 12 months or more. The other thing to do to avoid sudden price hikes is pay for 36 months rather than So any suggestions? Thanks guys, Feel like I can start a blog with ease. The way it was broke down made it seem so simple!

I have already got a blog set up and I have just got it how I want it on blogger. However, I would like to take it further and maybe gain a higher following. Thankyou so much X. I read this and it has inspired me! I am a fashion minor in college and am really looking forward to starting my own fashion blog thank you! Not essential. However you will need to make some efforts to backup and protect your blog, however there are dozens of free plugins these days. Hi thanks for all your help!

So I have a question. I want to make a blog but I want it be self hosted. I was a little confused when you was talking about that.

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I always encourage my friends to look at WPengine for hosting, its a bit more pricey but is really stable and reliable, plus they include tons of goodies that are usually considered a premium service and they all work without a struggle. All these things can really help the quality and consistency of your site and are definitely something to think about whether you are a beginner or an advanced blogger. This is way out of the reach of most of my readers. This is a lot of great information. I was a bit overwhelmed about all the different ways in which to start a blog but am feeling more confident now.

Thanks for this! Looking forward to starting my blog soon. Love this post. Been blogging online myself since I know all too well of how powerful blogging is for branding and monetization. Will it be possible to set up a blog where comments cannot be posted and emails cannot be sent to me? My only interest in blogging at this time is for a limited number of friends and family. Just wanted to tell you that my wife and I went with your advice and signed up with Hostgator.

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  • Hi Jessica! Thanks in advance and have a nice day! You can transfer the domain away from WordPress.

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    This is the post every new blogger needs to go through first. You have thoroughly explained the basics of blogging. Hi, I live in Germany and will like to start blogging career. My question is can i use Hostgator as web host or do i have to use anyone from Germany.