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We could accomplish this in part through our rhymes, but only in conjunction with our robust oneness, and our aromatic Christ-likeness. Back to it… While some public critique of ourselves may be necessary at times, we can never let that rival or shroud our main commitment, which is to use our public platforms to honor Christ and show off one of the most potent marks of the true Christian—love for all the believers.

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This vertical and horizontal display of love is what makes us the city on the hill which cannot be hid. Platforms are perfect tools for showing off, we just have to remember what we should be showing off.


There are many ways to love the saints, but one way is to cover her shame as Joseph set out to do when he thought Mary, the mother of our Lord, had been promiscuous Mt Another way to love the people of God is to show believers honor rather than either indifference or disdain Rm Our claim to love the people of God is constantly being asserted, but we should be disturbed by how comfortable some seem to be dishonoring her before unbelievers.

Christians have a different mark—love for the brethren. This, He said, would impact the world so that they would believe Jesus was sent by the Father, and the world would come to know about a unique love relation between God and His people.

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However, pendulums will swing to extremes in both directions. Lastly, the love of God extends, as they say, from the gutter-most to the utter-most. But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you. For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the just. Paul has already informed us of the fact that there are not many externally impressive, socially exalted Christians.

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But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that no human being might boast in the presence of God. Thanks for writing this. What do you mean by saints? I left the PL1 which is all analog in direct sunlight for three hours during a day that reached about 90 degrees. I carefully plugged my guitar in the PL1—as the all-metal housing was far too hot to touch without yelping—and everything worked just fine.

Lesson learned. Thank you and goodbye. My Favorite Things Being able to rock the PL1 throughout a significant number of shows, studio sessions, and rehearsals was great, as it allowed me to hone in on the elements that really helped me do my job in the gigging part of my life.

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Here are the bits I liked the most…. Super-Portable Spare Rig. This works with any Fly Rig, of course. I always worry about an amp going down at an important gig. If my AC30 ever gives up the ghost mid-gig, I can simply plug in the PL1 to the stage snake and continue rocking in less than a minute or two.

Crap Amp Protection. Former Guitar Player editors such as Jude Gold and Matt Blackett are such outstanding technicians that they can launch amazing guitar solos using the zippers on their coats.

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Me—not so much. Coloration Boosts. I love clean boosts, because the natural tone of an AC30 pushed into overdrive is a marvelous sound to my ears.

Fly Rigs are almost like having an amp and a rack of gear blasted by a shrink ray. If only I had more EQ, more effects, more amp models, or maybe a Nespresso machine, I could really rock this tune. I always had everything I needed. No Compromise Sound.

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I first tested the original SansAmp in , right when I started at Electronic Musician magazine as an assistant editor. Astounding Discoveries. They certainly want to take advantage of their scheduled marketing campaigns, as well as fight it out for print and digital media in an increasingly crowded marketplace. The downside of this very typical method of evaluation is what we all sometimes hear from our peers—that a piece of gear started out rocking heavily, but little bits of not-so-awesome started appearing after weeks and months of use.

It happens. Although, to be fair, most products these days are truly manufactured to last. But, as excellent as they are at what they do, none of them have yet developed the facility to see into the future. General wear-and-tear, cagey software glitches, design malfunctions, power problems, and lots of other such gremlins do not often reveal themselves during the one week if that these products are under the microscope. Alex confessed to the Medical Board that Dr. Ralston did not switch the paternity test and that she was willing to testify in court, but was speechless when she learned that Randal was going to be attending the board meeting.

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Esperanza learned that she could have Eddie served with sole custody paperwork for her daughter without hesitation. Larry seemed gleeful in punishing Eddie, as did Steven, as it became clear Esperanza was nervous of making the move that she was about to make. It looks like Esperanza is on the fence about making this move.

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Steven realized that his flame is scared of Eddie and I can sense that this might be a stunt that sends her former hubby down a darker path than ever before. To be honest it seems like karma to say the least, and he has no idea what chaos is headed his way when he enters his home.

He is going to flip out wondering who sent him a clear message. Randal was an erratic mess, and I was living for every moment of it. He deserves it. The question is who he suspects trashed his house. I suspect he thinks it was Marcie, but little does he know it was Bennett.