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I guess the are assumed to have just disappeared? I will likely read the next book but if the same issues follow in to that one as well, I don't think that I will keep going after that. With some tightening up though, as previously mentioned, this book and the whole series after could just be fabulous. Oct 07, Tiffany rated it it was amazing. This book does exactly what this book sets out to do so well. It entertains. As someone who grew up on Lifetime movies and girl promises, I loved this story. I couldn't stop reading this story. I related to this story. And I have two brothers. My girlfriends are like my sisters, and this book reminded me I would do anything for them.

Aimee and Melissa took an interesting idea, whipped it into a funny frenzy, and gave it a modern fairy tale spin. I loved that. I also loved how real these characte This book does exactly what this book sets out to do so well.

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I also loved how real these characters were and how spot on their interactions were. I loved that the characters swore because people swear. I loved that Grace became constipated when pregnant because people are constipated when pregnant. I loved the narrator reminding us what we were reading and how some parts were none of our business. And, most importantly, I loved the ending. I usually have a hard time with endings and often times feel disappointed.

Not an ounce of disappointment here. Just some unexpected wet tears on my cheek. Buy it. Read it. You're welcome. Jan 05, Lera rated it it was ok. I couldn't wait for this book to be over. I bought this purely due to ratings on Amazon. Thankfully I am only out 99 cents. I found the story unrealistic, having birthed six children of my own. The f-bomb was just too much. While I am a registered Independent, I did not like the political jab at Republicans.

There was no storyline with politics, so it didn't fit.

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Keep politics out of this story. FYI -- I wouldn't have liked it directed towards Democrats either. While I am slightly curious how the story develops, I would likely wait to read a sequel. Jan 20, Dora rated it really liked it. I was promised lots of laughs and the book delivered. I love my sister lots but I don't think that I would ever consent to let her use my uterus so she could have a child. I would sooner donate a kidney. This was a nice bit of fluffy reading that explored female friendships.

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One of the things that did annoy me in the book were the grammatical errors. It was like spell check or auto correct had been used to catch mistakes but had instead created some of them. The psychiatrist in the book was nick I was promised lots of laughs and the book delivered. The psychiatrist in the book was nicknamed the Nubian Goddess which they abbreviated NG but halfway through the book it started showing up as NB.

Jul 13, Katelyn rated it liked it. I really liked this story. I honestly wasn't expecting much out of it. The only thing that really drove me crazy was some of the spelling and grammar. It seemed to be thrown together fairly quickly, and it clearly wasn't edited much. The writing style wasn't the best I've ever read, but like I said before I paid a dollar for the book, and I really enjoyed the storyline for the pric I really liked this story. I paid a dollar for the book, and I really enjoyed the storyline for the price and the few days I spent reading it.

Jan 20, Stacia rated it it was ok. Decent but needs work Overall, the story was cute, but this book needs serious work. For one, it was inaccurate on several fronts, like the emergency room scene where she was in the room with a guy with something in his foot. And the timeline was off multiple times, like mailing the invitations then later mentioning including the charity information in them.

Finally, the typos drove me crazy! Did the publisher not even proofread?

I mean, I chuckled at "elevate his stress" instead of alleviate his Decent but needs work Overall, the story was cute, but this book needs serious work. Jan 23, Dee rated it it was amazing. I absolutely laughed my way through this book. I'm always annoyed by bad proofreading, but I overlooked it in this book. Told mostly from Gracie's point of view, she and her friend George, along with her sister Clair with an inhospitable uterus and her husband Henry, find themselves going through a year's worth of surrogacy, going on the wagon, dating while pregnant, dealing with in-laws and their mother with a new love interest.

There are very poignant moments and fun moments but everyone goe I absolutely laughed my way through this book.

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There are very poignant moments and fun moments but everyone goes through the whole process with lots of love. Mar 16, Carley rated it it was ok Shelves: The premises of the book totally drew me in. I was preparing myself to offer to carry a baby for my own sister when she had an unexpected miracle baby.

Unfortunately the delivery of the story was just not my style. The TMI was over-the-top; peeing, flatulence, etc. Just too gross. Sadly, this just missed the mark for me. Feb 28, Cynthia Jones rated it really liked it. There are many amusing and even some laugh out loud moments. There needs to be some serious editing done, which is why I deducted one star from the rating. Misspelled words, many run-on sentences, and capitalization errors made reading quite challenging.

View 1 comment. Jan 23, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Hilarious and heartwarming This book is absolutely fantastic.

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It will make you laugh out loud. It is also a heartwarming story about the love of family and friends and about finding love when you least expect it. Such a great cast of characters and the storyline is solid. I highly recommend this book.

Feb 14, Hillary rated it liked it. This book started off funny and great, I thought I was really going to enjoy it This is typically the style of book I choose to unwind after a long day at work It wasn't awful Nov 02, Mindy Conde rated it it was ok Shelves: chick-lit. This had moments of being funny, but overall was a little awkward and just didn't really hold my interest. I kept reading because I have a hard time abandoning books, but it was certainly not one that I'd recommend.

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The editing was also pretty badly done - typos abound and misuses of common words are everywhere, which drove me crazy. Jan 21, peggy malloy rated it really liked it.

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Easy to read This was a very easy read Sep 18, Rebecca Green rated it it was amazing. I'm not one to typically pick up this genre of book, but Happily Ever Before far exceeds its genre. The main characters are real women with real lives and real problems. Most importantly for me is that the writing is sophisticated and thoughtful.

And on top of all that, it's damn funny! Be sure to block out an afternoon once you start reading because you're not going to want to put it down. Sep 22, Zee Monodee rated it did not like it Shelves: contemporary , chick-lit. Failed to engage. Found the characters way too childish and immature - the drunken scene between the one who would become the surrogate and her best friend totally killed it for me, as it crossed the line of funny to not pretty and OMG!