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Federal Reserve chief facing no-win situation.

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Here's what negative bond yields mean. Why 'average' best describes economic growth under Trump. Moody's analyst says Fed rate cut was justified. Why Fed independence matters.

Powell asked if Fed gave into Donald Trump. Analyst: Tough for Fed to justify a rate cut. Romans: The booming economy is at risk. Jerome Powell hails Federal Reserve's independence. What the 'wealth tax' means for the super-rich.

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Volatility is nothing new. We've just been spoiled. Does OPEC really control oil prices? Retail jobs are notoriously low-paid.


For some, that may change. Why does the gender wage gap still exist? The country released data Monday that showed industrial production — an important indicator for China's economy — increased by just 4.

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That's worse than the sector's performance in July, when it grew by 4. Industrial production is important because it measures the output of key businesses in China's manufacturing, mining and utilities sectors. The latest figure was also worse than the 5.

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Retail sales growth slowed to 7. The world's second biggest economy has been struggling because of its trade war with the United States. It's also facing domestic challenges as it tries to rely less on debt to fuel growth. China exempts US soybeans and pork from tariffs. The new data comes as China's tense trade relationship with the United States appears to be improving, at least a little bit.

Motorcycle shaft final drive, that is.

I then took the parents to watch the Deer Lodge High School Rodeo last weekend and they got to see me in action with the camera. It was a quick stay then we all ventured back down to Colorado for the week and I got another operation done on my back. I got to visit my sweet little terrors, my dog Scrappy and my horse Doc. Sadly this was a quick trip.

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Friday I was headed right back to Montana and just in time for another rodeo, the one this photo came from. I picked up a hitchhiker along the way. It was nice to have a traveling buddy. We made it to Darby at 11 p. Then up in early a.

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  • The road trips, the long nights, the early mornings, the thundering hooves, the dust flying and all the laughs.