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Not even that, a well-run football club which treats supporters with intelligence and respect. There is a human cost, inevitably. The act of not renewing her season ticket was made all the more poignant as she suffered from dementia. Going to Bloomfield Road should have been a familiar comfort rather than a sadness in her golden years.

The last big event saw fans from all over the country descend on Blackpool, effigies of Karl and Owen Oyston smouldered and activists tried to force the main entrance. The place looked like a war zone. Yet, the safely bunkered English Football League and Football Association sat on their hands and waited for it to pass.

Supporters continue their fight to take back their club while the man they're protesting against, owner Owen Oyston, sits in the stands and laughs like nothing is happening. When will enough be enough?. How long can football as a collective or even an industry stand by and let this happen? The Oyston family must leave Blackpool Football Club and fans have a significant say in its operation.

Football needs a proper fit and persons test for club ownership that is also possible to be enforced retrospectively. If every journalist with a heart, supporter with a soul and sponsor with a conscience stood together and got this job done the game would be safeguarded on a basic level needed for human dignity.

The same bodies who have provided no solution to this harmful scenario which has damaged the community in Blackpool and other communities at crisis clubs across the country. From my place by the wall next to the away team dugout in the centre paddock, crouching down in front of the defensive wall so the goalkeeper couldn't see him and then bending the ball over the wall into the top corner of the net at the Kop end. He was creative, exciting, brilliant, entertaining and a legend. Megan Hassan my mums uncle jackie mudie was the greatest x.

Tav Falco Alan Suddick, by a country mile. He only bothered for20 minutes in a match, but when he did he could destroy the opposition.

Bend it Like Suddick! The King. Don't die Sudds. With all the money in the game now, he would easily have been signed by a top side in the Premiership today! David Russell My great uncle Jackie Mudie was the greatest. As Stanley Matthews said about Mudie "His skill and work for others often made some of us look better than we really were". Alan Moore We've had so many great players but Suddick surely was the one. He would go missing in a game and then suddenly do something dramatic.

Those sort of players could be called luxury players but if your team is a luxury team, you need them.


Stan Mortensen

Greatest goal? Against Verona Anglo-Italian Cup The goal froma throw-in that never touched the ground before nestling in the net. David Ormond Sir Stanley Matthews is the best ever player he he was in our team now we would be in the champions league. I suppose the term 'quicksilver' could well apply to his bursts of speed - once on his way there was no stopping him. His courage in putting himself into where it hurt was legendary, especially as his had a steel plate in his head due to an crash during his wartime service.

This guy was no prima-donna. How many of today's stars can fit into that category? Sir Stanley Matthews There really shouldn't be a question mark over who Blackpool's greatest ever player is. However, I would imagine that Jimmy Armfield would win the prize of most loyal, fan's favourite, best all-round 'good egg'.

His penalty kick at Bolton was out of this world. They should name the new South Stand after him. Kelvin Kipper France it has to be the one and only Tony Ellis. Paris My Cousin Leam Richardson has to be the best x x. Schubert I started watching Blackpool in and the players who have stood out during the 4 decades are Alan Suddick and Mickey Walsh from the 70's, in the 80's Paul Stewart and Alex Dyer, the 90's Brett Ormarod and Clarke Carlisle and the present team every man jack of them, we are exciting to watch again.

Gary Cairns Well, the mighty pool are back in the 2nd tier of English soccer after 29 years. The name of the game this season is to survive. Tony Green, Fred Pickering, tommy Hutchison Not even as a sub! Ian Evatt-yep, can see that M J. Same here regarding Bent but Suddick was class. David Goldsborough Alan Suddick by far. The way he could curl a ball, was way ahead of the so called greats of today. Sallie Mudie Jackie Mudie my grandfather i have to say because he was the best!!! Brady 53 shirt He was a leg end in his own lunch hour.

Fred the ted. Sascha Jimmy ArmfieldCaaptain of England. Aleksandra I agree with most of you the best ever is so hard to pick from through the years and times and styles of play the list can go on and on and on. But one thing we have forgotten Bloomfield Road who has hosted all the Pool ledgends its a true and legendery place and it is still standing for the new legends to blossom. Alan Ball Alan Ball than Jimmy armfield,Why because they both played a part in the England set up in the world cup win. Tony Green a good player yes but best Blackpool player,not when you have E.

Ratter Tat Tat Keigan Parker I'm too young to remember Jimmy but I know what a legend he is My dream team! Ken Hughes Poulton Alan Suddick. John Morrell The late Sir Stanley - with a little help from the likes of Morty - wrote Blackpool FCs name into the history books as one of the most entertaining sides in the country. Appropriately, the resort of Blackpool was also at the table top in terms of theatrical entertainment too.

After his incredible run with Blackpool, three FA Cup Finals from , Sir Stanley returned to Stoke in the 60s and gave that ailing club the kiss of life too. It's gotta be Sir Stanley! One of the most difficult things is attempting to describe how good a player was to those to young to have seen him play, all I will say is that whatever you are told about Mathews or Finney it is a fact, and not been exaggerated one iota.

Ten goals to nil – that’s your lot, Lanarossi Vicenza…

I saw them all play and the best player - Tony Green. He had the lot. My team for 60 yrs an always will be. I started supporting them in - saw all 3 cup finals and continued to watch them until I left England in Roy Hupton Very hard to say at least 6 names come to mind Mtthews, Morty,Sudick, Armfield but my favourite by far was Tony Green and i had the great honour to meet him what a gent and very interesting to talk to unlike some of these over paid premiership players.

Sam I think the greatest player is Sir Stanley Matthew. Great player. Jimmy Armfield World'sgreatest attacking fullback and the most loyal superstar that pool ever had. He remained a true gentleman on and off the pitch. Doreen Holtermann He has been a force in football for 50 or more years. Never a dirty player, always a gentleman, he was committed to Blackpool during the whole of his career.

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He must be the greatest. Roger Matthews was absolutely brilliant.

Morteson, Ball, Walsh, Hutchinson, Suddick. A match at Bloomfield Road, then down to the Mecca for a look at the birds!!!!!!!!

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Seriously though, my best player to grace a Tangerine shirt would be David Eyres and he went on to prove his worth with the other clubs he played for and into his 40's - well done. We had many players from other teams then during the war. I used to go by myself, every weekend,Central League games as well. Imagine letting your kid do that these days. Sir Stan hardly ever got his shorts dirty even on the muddiest of days. Harry could throw in the ball over to the far post where Morty would head it in.

Sir Stan hardly ever headed the ball himself, but he sure made fools of other opposition players four and five at a time. I went to school with Owen Oysten, never thought he would end up owning the team. Obviously the best ever Sir Stan. Colin Hendry John doolan, what a player he is.

THe King of Bloomfield Road. Terry Robinson What about Mickey Burns? Steve Coughlan Micky Walsh-the brilliant goal he scored against Sunderland that won him Goal of the Season on Match of the Day-and what about John Burridge with that penalty save in the same game Gordon West fantastic shot stopper. I watched him at Blackpool, and he was incredible. David Bradbury It has to be Tony Green Could be Tommy Hutchison or Jimmy Armfield.

What about Jimmy Hampson? Or Captain fantastic Harry Johnston. However it could be Stan Mortenson. What can I say.. The current team are 11 heroes. Nuff said.